March 12, 2015

Agency Pulls All Nighter For Nonprofit Rebrand: StoneArch's "RedEye Rebrand" Challenge Helped Kick Off the All-Night, Pro Bono Marketing Trend

TWIN CITIES BUSINESS -- In the nonprofit world, branding is a cumbersome task -- it involves countless meetings, approvals that need to work their way up the bureaucratic ladder and cost a hefty amount in a notoriously cash-strapped field.



“Hiring Rose and the Pineapple team made me smarter - not only did I gain a better understanding of how to stand out from the crowd, but I felt like they were championing me and my business. I learned the value of my unique brand in the marketplace and how to leverage it for maximum effect. Clarity, and market positioning all delivered by a rock star team. Love you guys!"

Nicola Kapala

Facilitator and Coach