June 25, 2015

Brooklyn Center Community Line

BROOKLYN CENTER SUN POST -- Minnesota Masonic Charities, which has donated more than $1.5 million for more than 200 Minnesota students' continued education since 2008, has named Brooklyn Center resident Koree Walton as one of the recipients of the organization's 2015 Scholarships Program.



"Pineapple RM, like the fruit itself, is distinctive, fresh and fabulously sweet. Rose McKinney and her team have provided invaluable direction and insight for a successful Twin Cities public relations program. With solid relationships in media, they developed a highly effective PR strategy and excelled at implementation and follow-through.
Pineapple has influenced us internally and externally; first, helping our employees understand the connection between company values and brand reputation, then strengthening the recognition of the Uponor brand in our hometown. And as for the "sweet" part, they are just a joy to work with - client-service oriented, fun and smart!"

Ingrid MattssonDirector, Brand Management