Oct. 20, 2015

New Campaign Raises Money for Overdose Reversal Kits

KARE-TV -- There's a new effort to save lives of people who suffer a drug overdose. The Steve Rummler Hope Foundation (http://www.steverummlerhopefoundation.org/#) put up forty billboards around the metro this week for its naloxone distribution campaign called #StevesLaw.



"I started working with Rose McKinney and her company Pineapple RM, as she had been highly recommended to me by colleagues that I trust and respect. I can see why they would recommend her. Rose and her team are great to work with. Very informed and always with the right advice and recommendation to share.

I have worked with her on multiple projects, including networking and speaking events with Rose and her clients for the Twin Cities Business Peer Network. I have always been very satisfied with the quality of her work and contributions, as these events were well promoted and very well attended. I know Pineapple works hard for its clients, being a mentor, creating opportunities for improvement and extra exposure for them.

It has been a real pleasure and honor to work with Pineapple as colleagues and as friends."

Luis Moreno