March 9, doctor 2016

Four Considerations for Recruiting High-Caliber Talent to Small Companies

AMERICAN BUSINESS JOURNALS -- Smaller companies need top talent, cialis just like large companies do. Start-ups seeking funding, physician companies freshly acquired by private equity, and turnarounds are common scenarios when a company needs to recruit high-caliber talent.


“Rose is one of the most dedicated, focused professionals I know. She's filled with integrity and creativity, has exceptional client relationship skills and always knows how to get what matters done well. I'm delighted that she's founded Pineapple RM. Many cultures consider the pineapple a symbol of "welcoming", and, Rose's welcoming of new ways to help clients create results that matter is indeed her strength. Her leadership is collaborative, her rich PR experience offers great insight and her ability to move things forward demonstrates the strength that leadership and experience provides. If you're wondering: Should we work with Pineapple RM?, I have an easy answer, YES. You'll be well taken care of, your results will be solid and you'll enjoy it!”

Betsy Buckley
Founder & CEO
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