May 28, 2016

Looking for Great Nordic Cuisine in the Twin Cities? Here's What's Cooking.

STAR TRIBUNE -- The intoxicating scent of cardamom hangs in the air at the lovely Swedish Crown Bakery, where Eva Voros Sabet, a native of Malmo, Sweden, and her husband, Fari Sabet, work their considerable magic.


"I started working with Rose McKinney and her company Pineapple RM, as she had been highly recommended to me by colleagues that I trust and respect. I can see why they would recommend her. Rose and her team are great to work with. Very informed and always with the right advice and recommendation to share.

I have worked with her on multiple projects, including networking and speaking events with Rose and her clients for the Twin Cities Business Peer Network. I have always been very satisfied with the quality of her work and contributions, as these events were well promoted and very well attended. I know Pineapple works hard for its clients, being a mentor, creating opportunities for improvement and extra exposure for them.

It has been a real pleasure and honor to work with Pineapple as colleagues and as friends."

Luis Moreno