October 22, 2016

Uponor North America Expanded Plant; Hiring is Bigger Challenge

STAR TRIBUNE -- Uponor North America, which has added enough manufacturing space at its Apple Valley flagship campus over the last couple of years to accomodate a huge Target store, is finding it isn't easy to fill the job openings.


"Over the years, Rose McKinney and her team have played a vital role in guiding our brand strategy and key messaging for Innovative Office Solutions. Her work with us in this area resulted in a new identity which captured the culture of our growing company.

The approach to this process was very inclusive of our team. She engaged our entire team in the process through a series of workshops and brainstorming sessions. As a result, our team felt like an important part of capturing our culture and creating our identity.

Rose's intelligence, professionalism and insight make her a trusted advisor. While our work initiated in 2007, we continue to use her as a valued consultant."

Jennifer Smith
Innovative Office Solutions