Our Clients:

Rather than size or revenue, we value a philosophical fit with clients—organizations that believe in the power and potential of reputation to propel their brands forward, adapt to a changing business and social landscape, and shape their futures. We work with organizations who want results that matter.

Our clients include:

  • Established brands that need to refresh the way they communicate or connect in new ways with the marketplace.
  • Emerging brands that are poised for growth and success in a competitive marketplace.
  • Minnesota-based companies who want a local agency to help them with national outreach.
  • National organizations who want help in the Twin Cities.

“When it was time for Animal Humane Society to examine our efforts in social media and figure out the next steps we should take, we hired PineappleRM to facilitate a day-long social media 'summit' for key internal stakeholders. Rose and team did their homework and came prepared to lead us through a thought-provoking discussion that gave us a much better idea of best practices, what directions we should be looking in, etc. It was a very valuable and productive day for us. They did a great job!"

Jeff Moravec
Director of Communications 
Animal Humane Society