The Pineapple Puppy

Duke Regal

Perhaps you've heard a hearty bark in the background during a conference call with the Pineapple team.  That's Duke, the Pineapple pup, and we think he knows a little something about PR!

His namesake is Duke Kahanamoku, the legendary Hawaiian surfer who popularized the sport worldwide. Duke is known for Olylmpic swimming records, lifesaving rescues with his surfboard, acting and overall hospitalty and good humor.

With a hula-like wiggle, Duke likes to show off his favorite toys - a stuffed blue dragon, a tennis ball or his prized Nyla bone.  Team members know that Duke gets two treats on Mondays.  Like his namesake, Duke is personality plus even when settled down for a desk-side nap.  We've yet to train him to retrieve and deliver documents from the printer, but we've never had to say "The dog ate my press release!"

Duke came to Pineapple in 2013 from the Animal Humane Society.  He was 14 weeks old and weighed 19 pounds.  Today, this big boy is nearly 80 pounds. A DNA panel confirmed that Duke is a unique fellow of great character - just like his namesake!

"On behalf of the Edina Chamber of Commerce and its members, I would like to thank you for your leadership of our Competitive Edge series on brand reputation. You not only made excellent topic recommendations, but you took the information and presentation style to a new level; adding panel discussions and interactive components that kept the audience engaged and interested."

Your command of the information and the public relations arena is evident and your energetic and well-thought out presentations were well received. The feedback we received from participants confirms those observations as the comments were nothing short of excellent and very good. The brand reputation training definitely raised awareness among our members and will benefit participants down their road to success."

Lori Syverson

Edina Chamber of Commerce